Loyalty Reward Points



  • You must be logged into your account in order for the points to be applied i.e you cannot use the guest checkout as the system does not have any account to apply the points to.


  • Points can only be applied to orders placed on this website. We are unable to apply points manually to online accounts for orders not placed online.


  • Earn 1 point per €1 spent.


  • View your points on the “My Account” page under Dashboard


  • Redeem your points on the “View Cart” page.


  • Once you have points on your account you will see a button “Redeem your Reward Points” at the bottom of the view cart page.


  • Enter the amount of points you want to redeem to apply discount to shopping cart.


  • Points earned on an order you place today can only be redeemed on your next order. Alternatively you can let the points accumulate and wait to get a more significant amount off another future order. 250 points = €5 off, 500 points = €10 off etc etc.


  • Loyalty Reward Points are valid for 2 Years and are not transferable to other customer accounts.