Our Farm Process

All our beef comes from our own farm supplemented by produce from a few select local organic farms. This provides full traceability from farm to table. Our beef is killed at a local abattoir and is hung for at least 2 and more often 3 weeks. Our beef is fed on a clover grass sward and organic corn from our own farm.

There is no use of any hormones and antibiotics are only used in medical emergencies. The quality of our beef can only be appreciated by its taste and flavour. Our mince is from top quality lean meat.

Our corned beef and spiced beef are produced by dry-curing selected premium cuts e.g. eye of round & silverside. The dry-curing process means there is no added water or phosphates contained in our products . Only a small amount of sodium nitrite (less than 50 mg/kg) is added to the curing mixture.

Our lamb comes from selected local organic farms that again allows for full traceability. The lamb is killed and hung for 1 week at our local abattoir. All our lambs are fed on a clover grass sward and no cereals are used in the fattening of lambs.

Our pork and bacon comes from our 2 other local organic farms.

Organic pork and bacon will be a little bit fatter than the conventional ‘factory’ pork or bacon but the difference in taste is incomparable. Our pigs are also killed at a local abattoir (O’Gorman Meats, Castledermot, Co. Kildare).

We make our own sausages that contain almost 90% approx top quality beef and pork. We dry-cure our bacon and ham which means there is no added water unlike a lot of bacon and most hams on the shop shelves. Our Organic Chickens come from the farm of Margaret Mc Donnell from the Curragh, Co Kildare.

We Deliver our Organic Meat throughout the Island of Ireland including to Northern Ireland. For more information re: delivery please click here