Pack of 4 Organic Beef Burgers


Pack of 4 organic beef burger patties. 450 grams per pack.

Gold medal award winner in the great taste awards 2016

Ingredients: Organic Beef 95%,Seasoning, Breadcrumbs(Wheat),Salt,dehydrated Onion,Ascorbic acid,Black Pepper,nutmeg.

Allergens: Breadcrumbs(Wheat)

IMPORTANT CUSTOMER NOTICE: Due to the absence of any artificial preservatives or colouring in organic meat our Minced products such as sausages, meatballs and burgers do not hold their pink colour as long as conventional meat. They are however still delicious and perfectly safe to eat once stored at correct temperatures below 4OC . If you are not going to be consuming these products within two days of receipt we advise that you freeze them for use at a later date to ensure optimal quality.


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