Pukka Organic Refresh Mint Tea

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Pukka Organic Refresh Mint Tea

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Pukka Herbs Mint Refresh tea is to help clear out and balance your body with refreshing peppermint leaf, fennel and licorice. Refresh Tea is blended with organic peppermint, licorice & fennel for a cooling effect.

Pukka have created this delicious Refresh herbal blend tea with herbs that have been traditionally used to help completely refresh. It contains six pure, organic herbs sourced from small independant farmers around the world. Each of these has a long history of being used for balancing and cooling.

Benefits of Mint Refresh:

Peppermint leaf, roses and hibiscus flowers are wonderfully cooling.
Fennel seed and coriander seed assist your digestion.
Licorice is a traditional balancing tonic.
This blend of herbs is for when you want to cool and refresh.
Directions:Place tea bag into cup and gently pour hot water ensuring that the water is not poured directly onto the bag. Leave to infuse for at least 5 minutes and prepare yourself for the ultimate pukka taste sensation!

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